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Turn your CAN'TS into CANS and your
Netta Ness

An entrepreneur, speaker, and seasoned executive, Netta Ness is the creator of the Chance Management Process. Netta is known for her ability to distill the emotional to the intellectual - integrating trends, patterns and overall potential into innovative strategies.

Netta is the former VP of a hedge firm where she managed the portfolios of clients, stakeholders, and strategic partners. Previously, she headed international business development and strategic communications in diverse industries including OmniGuide Surgical, a technology company based in Cambridge, MA. Additionally, she was responsible for community relations in a number of NGO's and associate director for APCO World Wide, a strategic consulting firm.

Netta holds a B.S. in political science, public communications and journalism from Bar Ilan University in Israel, and a Masters degree in Global Marketing, Communications and Advertizing from Emerson College, Boston, Massachusetts. She resides in Tel Aviv, Israel with her husband and children.

Success is 1% chance and 99% management Netta Ness
Chance Management
The art of capitalizing on chance.

In today's world, where success is less scripted and volatility is the new norm, management of chance is mission-critical. If managed strategically, chance opens new doors and clears new paths that can accelerate personal and corporate growth.

In order to effectively tap into unforeseen and unscripted chance events, I have created a signature chance management process that delivers understandable, laser-focused and tailored strategies for entrepreneurs, senior executives and corporations.

Success is a contest of chance. Chance management is a way to step up potential, improve performance and increase control over the odds.

Chance favors the prepared mind Louis Pasteur
Chance Management

"What is matter?" is a question that was answered by Albert Einstein. Matter, he proposed, is simply where you direct your energy. Though simple in principle, most of us have a hard time navigating the path to success and satisfaction.

The key is in identifying what matters, considering resources, and effectively managing them so they work in your favor.

The Chance Management process raises investigative questions, which are answered by a series of clear steps and actions that help capitalize on potential and improve overall personal or corporate performance.

Chance Management

Tailored to the needs of each audience, Netta Ness presents a lively lecture about how chance management concepts, mechanics, and practices can be applied to every aspect of our lives that requires improvement or fresh thinking.

Drawing on real examples and success stories of the people who are living it, as well as her own experiences, Netta shares tips and strategies for changing the ways we think and manage the options life offers.

Her lecture includes real, serious, but fun concepts of defining potential, changing directions and understanding how to engineer success.